International Seminar Cities and Human Well-Being 2016


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From 22nd until 24th of August 2016 the Studio Cities and Biodiversity along with PPGTE postgraduate program and the REI Exchange Students Network of Curitiba will host its first international conference “Cities and Human Well-being” at the Central Campus of UTFPR Curitiba, Brazil.

Starting June 13th 2016 we will be receiving your abstracts of up to 500 words through the UTFPR submission systems (see terms below). Please feel free to send any questions about the event to

The deadline is July 20th 2016!

Since the issue of human well-being in cities does not allow a clear delimitation for the seminar will be accepting all kinds of research that have comprehensive approaches. For the organization of the event, however, it was necessary to divide the issues into thematic groups. Below is a list of suggested keywords for each thematic group. This list should direct but not restrict the breadth of the submitted papers.

Capivaras, Parque Barigui

Capybaras in Curitiba’s Barigui Park are a symbol of biodiversity in this city.

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1. Keywords and sessions

All topics of the seminar will be directed in the following thematic groups:

  • Group 1 Urbanization and global environmental change
  • Group 2 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Human Wellbeing
  • Group 3 Governance, Legislation & Urban Management
  • Group 4 Green Economy and the Value of Nature
  • Group 5 Social Development
  • Group 6 The interdisciplinarity of cities

If you are researching a topic mentioned in our suggestions of keywords – Send us your research summary now!

1. Session: Urbanization and global environmental change

Urban ecosystems, green space, urban forestry, metabolism of urban systems, urban climate, risk of disasters, occupation of vulnerable areas, mobility and public transport, road safety, pollution, air quality, environmental sanitation, urban planning, acquisition of construction potential, Private Reserves of Municipal Natural Heritage (RPPNM), landscape planning, heritage, urban gardens, housing provision, land conflicts.

2. Session: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Human Wellbeing

Exotic and invasive species, environmental management, environmental monitoring, environmental indicators, conservation, changes in ecosystems, landscape ecology, water bodies, coastal resources, climate change and its influences, systems of conservation units, Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) Legal Reserves (RL), protection and promotion of biodiversity, ecosystem health.

3. Session: Governance, Legislation & Urban Management

Cooperation, administrative integration, stakeholder involvement and participation, ethics, environmental management, environmental licensing, environmental zoning, education and awareness, financing, financial incentives, environmental legislation and international agreements, urban legislation, Directive Plans, capacity building, internalization of human well-being, monitoring and control, effectiveness of the law, crisis management.

4. Session: Green Economy and the Value of Nature

Consumption patterns, environmental licensing, environmental valuation, ethics, payment for ecosystem services, ecological footprint, food production, food safety, consumer awareness, urban economy, green economy, social economy, industrial economy, process optimization, natural resources, raw materials and supplies, solid waste, biotechnology, biosafety.

5. Session: Social Development

Ecological and social sustainability, traditional knowledge, traditional communities and indigenous peoples, environmental education, livelihood and income generation, technology and society, communication, perception of risk, vulnerable populations, population migration, human health, local development, tourism, ethics, gender, ethnic and racial issues, civic ecology, cultural heritage, art and culture.

6. Session: The interdisciplinarity of cities


This group receives studies that do not necessarily fit into the above mentioned themes, but may be associated with them or might approach the conference’s theme interdisciplinary.

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2. Submission Rules

To participate in the event and for submitting your abstracts  (and eventually complete articles) you will need to be inscribed in the event. Please see 3. Registration.

We will receive abstracts of up to 500 words until the 20th of July 2016. After approval of the abstract by our Scientific Committee you will need to submit the complete article (up to 15 pages).

Formatting rules:

  1. The abstract should be sent in .doc/.docx format
  2. The abstract will be received in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
  3. The title should be at the most 20 words [Arial 14pt]
  4. Details about up to five (5) participating authors should be included in the footnote (profession, institution, last univ. degree, E-Mail)
  5. The abstract structure should be:
    1. Elaboration and Objectives [Arial 10pt, spacing 1]
    2. Methodological approach [Arial 11pt, spacing 1.15]Results [Arial 11pt, spacing 1.15]
    3. Results
    4. Discussion
    5. Keywords [Arial 10pt, italic, separated by commas]
    6. References [according to Brazilian ABNT standards, Arial 10pt, spacing 1.15]

In order to facilitate formatting, we offer a pre-formatted Modelo_Submissão_Seminário_SICB2016.

Submissions will be processes through the registration system (see below).

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3. Registration

There are two forms of registration:

a) Students / others* R$ 60 / US$ 18
The participation in an international seminar will be certified.

b) Professors / Professionals R$ 120 / US$ 38
The participation in an international seminar will be certified.

The registration will be possible until August 22nd 2016- but, the early bird catches the worm!

  • until July 20th
    • Student R$50 / US$ 15
    • Professor / Professional R$100 / US$ 30
  • until August 22nd
    • Student R$60 / US$ 18
    • Professor / Professional R$120 / US$ 38

For presenting a paper, an additional fee of R$ 20 / US$ 5 applies. The research presentation at an international seminar will be certified. The papers that are approved by our Scientific Committee will be published electronically in the annals of the event and receive an ISBN registry.

The registration, submission and payment of fees will be realized through the UTFPR system that will be made available here shortly. You will have to create a user account that lets you manage your registration, payment and submission(s).

Click here to access the system

* Includes everyone who is not working. For anyone interested in participating, but without means, there is an option of a small scholarship for covering the inscription fee internally. Please contact us via email telling us about your situation.

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4. Scientific & Organizing Committee

Scienfitic Committee:

Thiago Lima Breus, Patrícia Charvet, Eliane Dumke, Prof.Junior Garcia, Profa. Tarama an Kaick, Nádia Puchalski Kozievitch, Marcelo Langer, Bruno Motta, Patricia Précoma, Profa. Denise Rauber, Gabriel Rezende, Profa. Maclóvia Corrêa da Silva, Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva, Profa. Jana Magaly Tesserolli de Souza, Profa. Precila Zanon.

Organizing Committee:

Profa. Tatiana Gadda, Leticia Costa, Niklas Weins, Norma Müller, Thaís Naldi, Matheus Melo, Rafaela Scheiffer, Particia Précoma.

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5. Program

Beware! This is a program outline. Subject to changes!

SICB_Escalação de voluntários - English-page-001

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6.  Technical Tours

We are offering three technical tour options, on Wednesday Aug. 24th in the afternoon. To register for one of the visits (they will take place at the same time) please register through the UTFPR registration system.

The meeting point and exact time will be announced at the opening ceremony.

Technical Tour 1: RPPNM Airumã (environmental protection area)

  1. Technical tour of the Private Municipal Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPNM) guided by the team of Terezinha Vareschi.
  2. Transport will be organized with a bus by UTFPR.
  3. The tour will have a cost of R$ 15 (~5US$) which will have to be paid at the place of visit.
  4. More information at:


Technical Tour 2: Petinelli Sustainable Engineering Consultancy

  1. Technical tour of the Sustainable Engineering Consultancy Petinelli, including a demonstration of a root system water treatment plant.
  2. The consultancy is only about a ten minute walk from UTFPR’s campus, so we will be walking there.
  3. This visit does not have any costs.
  4. More information:

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7. Our partners

Initiative by:

MEC / The Ministry of Education of Brazil

UTFPR / The Federal University of Technology – Paraná, Curitiba Campus

Studio Cities and Biodiversity

Organization by:

Studio Cities and Biodiversity

REI / Rede de Estudantes Intercambistas de Curitiba

Instituto Nhandecy

Our partners:

DACOC / Departamento de Construção Civil, UTFPR

PPGTE / Programa de Pós-Graduação em Tecnologia, UTFPR

REI / Rede de Estudantes Intercambistas de Curitiba

Instituto Nhandecy

SPVS / Sociedade de Pesquisa em Vida Salvagem

Petinelli – Soluções em Green Building

SENAI – Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial

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8. Results & Publication


*The participation and presentation certificates*
*can be downloaded through the registry/inscription system*

 UTFWS system for event participation

The results of SICB2016 are being processed by our tireless voluntries.


The publication of the event proceedings is in the revisioning process and will be getting its ISSN number soon. We will notify you via email as soon as they are ready.

Some authors have already made available their posters here:

Publication site of the SICB2016

After the publication of the event proceedings, we would like to bring together this enormously diverse collection of presented research! We will invite the authors for some further discussion and debate to concretize joint research and establish the criteria for this future project. In October we will be back with more on this.

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In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leticia and Niklas directly at the Studio or send an email to

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9. Event Proceedings (Publication)

The event proceedings for SICB2016 are available here as a complete file or as individual abstracts.

Complete Event Proceedings of SICB2016

Publications Page with all publications (abstracts, posters, World Café)